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*These guidelines are subject to change, based on CA State and County guidelines

In an effort to keep our guests, staff, vendors, and artists as safe as possible, we have implemented the following policies:


At BeachLife 2021, we are requiring all guests entering the festival to either:

  1. Provide proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19;


   2. Provide proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test, taken within 72 hours of the day you are attending the festival (3-Day ticket-holders may be tested Thursday, September 9th, or Friday, September 10th for their negative PCR result to be honored on all three festival days). 

We will be checking documentation for every guest upon entry. Please present your vaccination card or negative PCR test result along with a photo ID. A photo result saved to your phone is sufficient.

When you arrive at the Festival, get your COVID Safe wristband from 250 N Harbor Drive (the Gold’s Gym building next to Sonesta hotel).  VIP and Captains can also get their COVID Safe wristband at their specific entrances.  Then, go to your respective Box Office to get your Festival wristband. 

After you have your COVID Safe wristband, go to your corresponding ticket entrance box office to pick up your ticketing wristband.

  • GA ticket-holders: Enter at the main entrance across the street from 250 N Harbor Drive, near Captain Kidd's.

  • VIP ticket-holders: Enter at the VIP entrance on Portofino Way.

  •  Captains ticket-holders: Enter at the Captains entrance on Harbor Drive. 


  • Cashless transactions 

  • Print-at-home tickets

  • Increased video screen placement to promote social distancing 

  • Over 60 hand-washing & sanitizing stations festival-wide

  • Requirement of all staff and volunteers to be fully vaccinated or report a negative COVID test 72 hours prior to start date

  • Regular and frequent cleaning of all high-touch surfaces, restrooms, and equipment


  • Masks are not currently required for outdoor festival spaces, but are strongly recommended, per state guidelines. We advise all guests to wear a mask, for safety

  • If you have arrived and you are in need of a mask, please notify our gate staff, and we will provide you with a mask.

  • Our staff and vendors will be required to wear masks

  • We do recommend masks be worn in the following scenarios:

    • If you are not fully vaccinated

    • Waiting in line at the gate entrances

    • In line at a food vendor or waiting area

    • In restroom areas

    • Other scenarios where you might be unable to maintain a distance of at least 3 feet from people outside your household


​BeachLife WILL be accepting requests for refunds for the following reasons only: disagreement over our entry requirements, or if you feel unsafe in attending the festival due to COVID.  We understand that this is an unprecedented time, and although we feel safe and secure that we've provided an environment where our Artists and Fans will be safely able to enjoy an outdoor music festival, we also understand the mental stress and fear associated with the pandemic.  Please be advised that BeachLife Festival reserves the right to validate acceptable reasons for refund, and this is not a general refund window!  If you would like to submit a request for a refund, please email with a clear reason/need for your refund.  The refund window will open August 27th, 2021, and will be open UNTIL SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 5TH 5PM PST. NO EXCEPTIONS.


In order to minimize waiting on the day of the festival, BeachLife will be opening a temporary Box Office at 239 North Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach 90277, on the following dates below.  You will be able to pick up your FESTIVAL ENTRY WRISTBANDS as well as a vaccination proof wristband at this time, with valid ID and a copy of your digital ticket on your phone. 


Thursday, September 2nd: 10am–5pm

Friday, September 3rd: 10am–5pm 

Tuesday, September 7th: 10am–5pm

Wednesday, September 8th: 10am–5pm


Starting Thursday, September 9th, our pickup location will change to the Main Box Office, located just behind Captain Kidd's. Pickup times will be:


Pickup times for COVID wristbands and Festival wristbands are:

Thursday, September 9th: 10am–5pm

Friday, September 10th: 10am (Open through Festival)

Saturday, September 11th: 10am (Open through Festival)

Sunday, September 12th: 10am–1pm


 When is my last chance to get vaccinated?

We strongly encourage all guests to vaccinate fully against COVID-19.  In order to be fully vaccinated in time for BeachLife, you’ll need to have received your second dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine (or single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine) by August 27th (two weeks prior to festival).  If you are not yet vaccinated and would like to do so in time for the festival, please receive your first dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine no later than August 13th, and your second dose or the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine (or single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) no later than August 27th.

 Where can I get vaccinated? 

If you are in California, you can register for a vaccination via My Turn.

Alternatively, you can find vaccination options across the country here.


 Will BeachLife Festival have testing on-site? 

Yes!  We will be providing testing on-site from Thursday & Friday at 250 N Harbor Drive during the following times:

Thursday, September 9th:  8am–7pm
Friday, September 10th:  10am–5pm 

 Do children need proof of vaccination or a negative test? 

All attendees, including children of all ages, must have a negative COVID test within 72 hours of the festival or provide proof of vaccination.  Children over the age of 12 are eligible to receive a vaccine.

 What kind of COVID tests will be accepted? 

 The test must be a SARS-CoV-2 viral diagnostic test (NAAT- nucleic acid amplification test - PCR or Antigen Test), with sample collected at a Laboratory, Medical facility or Point-of-Care testing site. 

Home Testing Kit results will NOT be accepted.

 What information must be included on the test result? 

A test result must be in the form of written documentation (paper or electronic copy). The documentation must include:

1.              Type of test (indicating it is a NAAT/PCR or Antigen test)

2.              Entity issuing the result (e.g. laboratory, medical facility, or point-of-care testing site)

3.              Specimen collection date. A negative test result must show the specimen was collected within the 3 days before of last ticketed festival date, September 12. 

4.              Information that identifies the person (full name plus and date of birth)

5.              Test Result

 When do I need to take my COVID test? 

The test must have been taken within 72 hours of each day you are attending.  3-Day ticket-holders may be tested Thursday, September 9th or after for their negative result to be honored on all three festival days.

If you are attending only on Friday, you must take your test no earlier than Wednesday, September 8th.  If you are attending only on Saturday, you must take your test no earlier than Thursday, September 9th.  If you are attending only on Sunday, your test must be taken no earlier than Friday, September 10th.  If you have additional questions regarding testing, please email Sandy at

 Where can I get a COVID test in LA County before the event?** 

You can find a testing center here.  Additionally, we have listed local options below:

 **Acceptable COVID testing sites include but are not limited to the list above.  Home testing kits are NOT accepted.  If you have a question regarding your local testing center, reach out to

 Where can I get a test outside of LA? 

You can find a testing center here.

 What happens if I test positive before the festival?  Can I get a refund or rollover of my ticket? 

Yes. If you send us a copy of your positive test result and order number to, we will process your refund


BeachLife Festival requires all Staff, vendors, and volunteers to be fully vaccinated or report a negative COVID test 72 hours prior to work.  Food vendors should also follow the “Safe in the South Bay” Food and Beverage service recommendations in addition to LA County Requirements.


All vendors will be required to:

  • Post signage that encourages those who are unvaccinated to wear face masks

  • Post signage to remind everyone who enters your booth that they should NOT enter if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or if they are under isolation or quarantine orders

  • Provide hand-washing stations or hand sanitizer at your booth

  • Establish procedures to prevent crowding and ensure distancing

  • Require masks be worn by anyone working at your booth, regardless of vaccination status

  • Recommend that those who will be in close contact with other people who may not be fully vaccinated should wear a higher level of protection, such as “double-masking” (wearing a cloth mask OVER a surgical mask) or a respirator (N95 mask)

  • Require masks for all patrons if you are in a booth where 50% of the structure has adjacent impermeable walls.

  • Screen staff for symptoms before they attend the event and ask them not to attend if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or if they are under isolation or quarantine orders


Places that serve food and beverage are higher risk settings for transmission of COVID-19.  In addition to above, all vendors that provide food and beverage must comply with the following:

  • Recommend customers wear masks at concession stands if they are ordering or picking up food and/or beverages; provide masks at concession stands to those customers who are not masked

  • Post signage informing patrons that they must wear masks when ordering or picking up food at food/beverage booths

  • Restrict access to service areas, so as to avoid customers congregating; place servers when possible, to eliminate customer use of common utensils and dispensers

  • Encourage frequent hand-washing by employees


  • BeachLife Festival Staff will follow LA County mandated guidelines

  • All Staff & Crew will wear masks 

  • All Artist Catering will be individually wrapped

  • Dressing Rooms will be ION-fogged and thoroughly wiped down between Artist use

  • All high-touch points we be wiped down throughout the day in the Artist area

  • Hand sanitizers will be installed throughout backstage areas


An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public space where people are present. By attending The BeachLife Festival, you expressly agree to comply with any and all rules and safety guidelines put in place by the event organizers, and voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19, waiving all claims and potential claims against the event organizers, and their affiliated companies relating to such risks.


We ask that you not attend if any of the following is true for you or anyone in your party:

  • Within 14 days before attending the festival you have tested positive, or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19;

  • Within 48 hours prior to attending the festival, you have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g. a fever of 100.4°F or higher, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking muscle pain/achiness, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, nasal congestion, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, or any other symptoms associated with COVID-19 identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention);

  • Within 14 days prior to attending the festival, you have travelled to any international territory identified by federal or applicable state or local governments as being subject to travel or quarantine advisories due to COVID-19.

Please be respectful to fellow guests, staff, volunteers, vendors, and artists who choose to  maintain physical distancing from others. 


Thank you for your cooperation and patience — we can’t wait to see you!

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